Leading and Supportive Love:

The Truth About Dominant
and Submissive Relationships

Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships

eBook, in PDF format

The premier foundational D/s relationship book for any lifestyle and every D/s partner!

This is where to start and learn, where to grow and improve and what to use for helpful reference.

About the Book

Do you prefer a relationship with a Leading partner and a partner who follows? Have you felt ‘left out’ of the mainstream relationship self-help offerings because of this? Whether you are single or in a relationship, vanilla or in the lifestyle, if this is your true relationship orientation, this book is for you.

Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth about Dominant and Submissive Relationships, is not limited to a certain lifestyle or belief system. This highly-acclaimed, must-read, foundational D/s relationship book can help with new and clearer understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship. This book also promotes better understanding from your loved ones.

The Dominant and Submissive Relationship is an ancient and contemporary, harmonious dance that is mysterious, magnetic and powerful. It may not be what you think, and some of the truth may surprise you!

Read about partner type profiles, case illustrations, research insights, relationship help, and surprising details that may have you looking at this type of long-term, committed relationship in a whole different way.


“Leading and Supportive Love is a must read for any clinician or individual who is interested in learning more about relationships where one individual is the main decision maker. This book is a practical guide to individuals’ natural tendencies to lead or support in a relationship, and how to work together for a successful and fulfilling relationship between these relationship styles. It provides guidance, education, and support that is vital to any couple who is struggling with a power differential or decision making.”

Becky Hellwig, LMSW, CAAD

“This is our personal bible!! My spouse and I searched high and low for a book like this, and it is the only of its kind we found. With every page turn, we found ourselves saying YES!! I even gave it to my mom to read, because it had the words I just couldn’t find to explain why my relationship was so perfect for me…she very clearly understood who we are as people, and why we are a perfect match for each other. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in D/s relationships, or who knows someone who is.”

Eunice Marino

“I read this book twice, once cover to cover and the second time taking more time to review and consider the areas I highlighted. I know that I was playing a role in my marriage, rather than being true to my nature. Now it is clear to me just how I got there, given the dynamic between me and my ex. The description of my type in this book is spot on, not just with what I’d like from a partner, but in describing how I feel about myself.”


“…The section on mental health professionals helped me to have a very productive conversation with my counselor. I’d been feeling some judgment in recent sessions. Section 7 on what each needs from their partner is short and on point. Potential issues and ways to optimize the relationship are highlighted in my copy.”

Stacy Kelly

The truth about Dominant and submissive relationships isn’t that we are an alternative lifestyle within the BDSM arena, it’s that we are a strong and supportive relationship type that goes beyond and sometimes without the kink. Chris Lyon has written a fantastic book that does a great job describing and detailing the two roles of a leading and supportive relationship without all the kink, discipline and fetish mumbo jumbo that tends to muddy our understanding when we get involved in BDSM.

First and foremost this book is about couples that agree and migrate towards a type of relationship where one person leads and the other supports. It is the basis of any strong D/s relationship. Leading and Supportive Love – The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships should be a recommended reading for every person interested in D/s relationships so that we can learn just who we are as people and the roles we play in a relationship without having to talk about kink, punishment, rules, BDSM play or sex. This book does what every BDSM relationship book should have done…

lay down the essential parts of each person in the relationship and why leading and supportive relationships work.

I also feel that therapists and counselors would learn a lot about this sort of relationship and use it to their advantage in counseling couples and individuals that fit this relationship type. Lyon expresses that need in this book too. If you have a therapist that doesn’t quite get why you are submitting to your partner or what you get out of it, I recommend getting them this book. You don’t have to out yourself as kinky to do it either. Lyon doesn’t talk about kink or BDSM as the only way this relationship type exists.

Because it isn’t.

Every day couples are leading a Leading/supportive relationship without being kinky, without thinking they are out of the ordinary and without having to label it as D/s or M/s. It’s just how they function and it works for them.

So, come read this book. My favorite sections were the detailed profiles of how the two roles identify each other and the traits that they often exhibit. You will find yourself nodding along with them as I did. You’ll read case illustrations about different struggles, relationship help, and details that may make you think about your relationship differently. If you aren’t sure if you are a leader or a supportive type, check out the profiles yourself. This book also has several chapters talking about common issues that L/s relationships face and ways to work through them. It’s a wonderful self-help book for the experienced long term relationship that may be hitting a wall in their relationship.

Overall I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s become a go-to for me to express thoughts and ideas when it comes to D/s and it is going to go on my recommended reading list for novices. It’s just that good. I’ve read it twice already. Leading and Supportive Love by Chris Lyon is an excellent resource, full of the details that people looking for a D/s relationship really need. The who’s the whys and the possible issues that may occur.

Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships

eBook, in PDF format

“I could not put this book down…I felt like the author pulled all my questions out of my head, put them on paper, and gave the most thorough of answers. An absolute revelation.”


“Finally, a book that looks at this topic from a non-kink perspective. Power dynamics are in play in all relationships and some folks are happiest when the roles are clearly defined. This book shines the light on that fact and “normalizes” it.”

James R. Bender