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Chris M. Lyon

Author and Relationship Expert

Your Exclusive Online Community for Dominant and Submissive Relationship

This is for you if love is important and you prefer a committed, loving relationship that has a leader and a follower, despite what you do in other areas of your life. Singles, couples, vanilla or kinky, you are welcome!

Many people let their relationships just happen, which causes a lot of loneliness, grief and pain.

This exclusive online community created by Chris M. Lyon provides a respectful, safe place to help you create, transform and maintain your Dominant and submissive (or Leading and Supportive) relationship.

While we address kink and different kinds of intimacy, our focus is on the holistic committed, foundational relationship. Our community provides education and guidance from Chris M. Lyon and lots of group support. Our admin staff is caring and encouraging.

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“The first thing that was helpful to me was Chris’s teaching of what a Healthy D/S relationship should be. Since, each one of us in the group all have different experiences questions arise that I had not thought of. Chris is very passionate as an educator on this subject and addresses all of our concerns. As a group, we are all walking in the same direction and each of us want to have healthy and positive relationships. I am very comfortable in our group because I can share my vulnerabilities and not be ashamed or judged-only supported.”


“D/s Relationships 24/7 is my favorite group. The community is fun, positive, and informative. The group calls are always fantastic. This is a loving and supportive “home” for people involved in or curious about 24/7 D/s relationships.”


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“I just want to say how thankful I am for this community. Reading Leading and Supportive love has opened my eyes about myself and I’ve learned so much. For once I’m excited to see what comes next. So thank you.”


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A must-read for anyone who is a D/s partner in their committed relationship, no matter what your experience or lifestyle.

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“I could not put this book down…I felt like the author pulled all my questions out of my head, put them on paper, and gave the most thorough of answers. An absolute revelation.”


“Finally, a book that looks at this topic from a non-kink perspective. Power dynamics are in play in all relationships and some folks are happiest when the roles are clearly defined. This book shines the light on that fact and “normalizes” it.”

James R. Bender