D/s Relationships

Building a strong foundation for this beautiful relationship dynamic.

Welcome to your virtual portal for education, support and awareness for foundational

Dominant & submissiveLeading & supportive relationships.

This is the place for you, if:

  • Being a Dominant or submissive (Leading or supportive) partner, is your relationship orientation.

  • Long-term, committed 24/7 D/s relationships are a priority to you.

  • You are a D/s partner who is struggling with your relationship.

  • You want better communication and connection in your D/s relationship.

  • You are exploring this dynamic for yourself, and want to learn more.

Chris M. Lyon

Author and Relationship Expert

You’ll Find…

Check out the Book

(eBook, in PDF format)

A must-read for anyone who is a D/s partner in their committed relationship, no matter what your experience or lifestyle.

“I could not put this book down…I felt like the author pulled all my questions out of my head, put them on paper, and gave the most thorough of answers. An absolute revelation.”


“Finally, a book that looks at this topic from a non-kink perspective. Power dynamics are in play in all relationships and some folks are happiest when the roles are clearly defined. This book shines the light on that fact and “normalizes” it.”

James R. Bender


We know that Love, within this dynamic, is important to you.

  • We put the focus on continuing care, effort and awareness of the D/s partner and the D/s relationship holistically.

  • This includes you, if you are currently single or in a relationship – if you are vanilla, completely kinky (or vanilla with sprinkles).

Community and Education

Our online community, led by Chris M. Lyon, is a safe place to help as you create, transform and maintain your committed Dominant and submissive (or Leading and Supportive) relationship. Our online membership group is loaded with support, education and expert guidance.

Dating/Relationship Consulting and Facilitation

Chris’ knowledgeable, intuitive, proactive approach can help with healing from a previous relationship, preparing for your future relationship, or making your current relationship the best that it can be!

If your priority is the foundational relationship, join our community, read the book, check our resources and consider working with Chris. There is so much education on kink available. That is just one aspect of some committed D/s relationships. No matter what your lifestyle is – kinky, vanilla, or in between – a stronger, more loving, bonded D/s relationship makes intimacy better!

It’s time for awareness, support and understanding.

This is why we are here.